Robert Webb Voices New Character

Series 4 & 5 to have new Professor character

Actor Robert Webb is voicing the new character the Professor in the new series of Little Princess.

The Professor is the Queen’s brother and Little Princess’ uncle. He always has an ingenious solution for any situation. He is an inventor and pilots his plane to the castle occasionally to work in his top secret laboratory (i.e. a shed in the castle grounds). Professor’s inventions are mostly useless, but this does not stop Princess trying to break in to his lab to see what he is up to…

This new character adds to a cast of fun household members who all help Little Princess throughout her day. The other voices include Rufus Jones as the Narrator, Jane Horrocks as Little Princess, Colin McFarlane as the General, Gardener, Chef and Prime Minister, actress Maggie Ollerenshaw as the Queen, Victoria Willing as the Maid and Edward Peel as the King and Admiral.

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